Tuesday, April 1, 2014

On the eve of my sentencing in Cambodia for 'blackmailing' Citipointe church!

Rosa and Chita's brothers - James and Kevin
- and sister Srey Ka

Dear Foreign Minister

It seems you have decided that the best way to deal with my letters regarding Citipoint’s illegal removal of Rosa and Chita in 2008, is to ignore them. That Citipointe refuses to provide documented evidence of the legality of its actions in 2008, in the form of the 2008 and 2009 MOUs, seems to be of no concern to you at all.

You have thus provided Citipointe with a license to steal two other girls from their materially poor families when Citipointe returns Rosa and Chita to their family this week. Yes, this week. Citipointe is now desperate to offload Rosa and Chita as fast as possible. This sudden change of heart coincides with at least one member of the international media calling Citipointe and asking for copies of the MOUs.

The church clearly hopes, with Rosa and Chita back with their family by the end of the week, that DFAT, AusAID, the Australian Embassy and ACFID will ask no questions about the MOUs and it will be back to business as usual. Not just in Cambodia but in Goa, India – the next destination on Citipointe’s soul-saving list.

The only thing that could thwart Citipointe’s plans, this April Fools Day, is if I receive a custodial sentence in court tomorrow. The Australian media may not care about Christian NGOs stealing brown-skinned children, but a fair-skinned Anglo Saxon being jailed for ‘blackmailing’ Citipointe church will be too juicy a story for the media to pass up; a story that will almost certainly lead at least one intrepid journalist to ask for copies of the MOUs and other questions relating to the legality of Citipointe’s activities in Cambodia. This could prove very damaging to Citipointe’s Indian child stealing, evangelical and money raising plans.

Given that Citipointe has clearly paid the Cambodian judiciary to bring whatever phony charges it can against me in hopes of silencing me or intimidating me into not returning to Cambodia, the church is confronted, broadly speaking, with two choices:

(a) See to it that I get a custodial sentence, as threatened by Pastor Brian Mulheran in his 21st Feb 2013 letter to me, or

(b) Arrange with the Cambodian judge to find some way to find me guilty but not to sentence me in such a way as to attract the attention of journalists.

I suspect that Citipointe will opt for (b) but this is Cambodia and anything is possible. And if I do get a custodial sentence, what will you do, Minister? Bring in the spin doctors to turn a sow’s ear into a silk purse? Or will you insist, in a very public way, that Citipointe make public the 2008 and 2009 MOUs and any other documents relating to the church’s removal of children from their families – paid for with tax-deductible Australian dollars.

Chhork, with sons James and Kevin - at about the same age Rosa and Chita were when Citipointe church stole them

Leigh Ramsey
322 Wecker Road
QLD 4152

Directors of the Global Development Group Board
Unit 6, 734 Underwood Road
Rochedale, QLD 4123           

1st April 2014                                                                         

Dear Pastors Leigh Ramsey and Brian Mulheran and
          members of the Global Development Group Board                                                                                       

You have all refused my multiple requests to be provided with copies of the MOUs from 2008 and 2009 that both Citipointe and the Global Development Group insist gave you the right to remove and detain Rosa and Chita against the express wishes , after Nov 2008, of their parents – Chanti and Chhork. You have likewise refused such requests from others, including media outlets. The reason? No such documents exist. You are, all of you, complicit in the illegal removal and detention of Rosa and Chita in 2008 and would, if Cambodian law were adhered to, be liable for at least two years in jail.

Rosa and Chita's father (Chhork), brothers Kevin and James, mother (Chanti, holding Poppy), sister (Srey Ka) and grandmother - Vanna

Instead, you have all been complicit in arranging for me to be charged in Cambodia with a variety of offences – the latest being, it seems’ ‘blackmail’. I write ‘it seems’ because I have never been served with a warrant or a summons and have no idea what evidence you have presented to the court in support of your allegations. My requests, as a matter of natural justice, that I be supplied with evidence in support of the allegations have fallen on deaf ears. As you know, and as you are taking advantage of, there is no rule of law in Cambodia, the judiciary is corrupt and no evidence is required to secure a conviction if you have deep pockets – which the Global Development Group certainly has with its $25 million a year war chest of tax deductible dollars.

Rosa and Chita have missed out entirely on the first 15 months in the life if their youngest sister, Poppy

Pastor Brian Mulheran’s letter of 21st Feb 2013 was not, as I thought at the time, just the bluff and bluster of a Christian bully. He was deadly serious about having me arrested, jailed and banned from coming to Cambodia again. Such are the lengths that Citipointe and the Global Development Group will go to protect the scam you are conjointly engaged in. The scam is this: You use your money, your power, the lack of any rule of law in Cambodia and the lack of oversight by ACFID to remove children from their families and turn them into Pentecostal Christians. You do this with the tacit approval of the Australian Council for International Development and, it seems, judging by the refusal of Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, with the tacit approval of the Department of Foreign Affairs also.

And so it is that Australian tax-deductible dollars are used to break up families, remove children and harvest their souls for Jesus Christ. That in doing so both the Global Development Group and Citipointe are in breach on the ACFID Code of Conduct is a matter of no concern to Executive Director Marc Purcell or President Sam Mostyn.

Srey Ka, James, Kevin, Chanti and Poppy in the family tuk tuk
Now, desperate to get rid of Rosa and Chita at all costs and as fast as possible, you have told Chanti and Chhork that you will deliver them tomorrow, 2nd April, to their home in Prey Veng. There will be no re-integration program. You hope to simply dump them in Prey Veng with their family and let Rosa and Chita cope, unaided, with the problems inherent of being taken from one environment (in which they have been indoctrinated for close to six years as Pentecostals) and placed in another – one in which the rest of the family are Buddhists. The lack of empathy, compassion and just plain old fashioned common sense on the part of GDG and Citipointe is astounding. And now Citipointe and the Global Development Group intend to export this money-raising and soul-saving scam to India. Right now, in Goa, there are young girls from poor families whose parents do not realize that the nice helpful Christians who are about to enter their lives are there to steal their children and harvest their souls for Christ. And the money used to run the ‘rescue homes’ for these ‘rescued’ Indian children will be paid for, via the Global Development Group, with Australian tax-dollars.

Kevin and Chanti, March 2014
A secondary reason for your attempt to deliver Rosa and Chita back into the care of their family tomorrow is that this is the day I will be sentenced. With Chanti and Chhork in Prey Veng they will not be in a position to tell the judge tomorrow that it is Citipointe and the Global Development Group that should be facing charges of illegal removal and not me facing whatever charges you have managed to conjure up.

Chanti and Chhork will not be in Prey Veng tomorrow. They will be coming to court with me. I wonder whether anyone from Citipointe will be present? I doubt it. You are cowards who would not dare to try and sue me in an Australian court in which you would be obliged, in support of your defamation suit, to provide evidence that you removed and detained Rosa and Chita legally in 2008. To have such a spotlight shone on your activities could prove disastrous to the child-stealing and forced indoctrination scams you are engaged in – paid for by the Australian tax payer.

An exercise in futility, I know, but here I go:

(1) Please provide me, today, (and to those to whom this email is copied) with copies of the 2008 and 2009 MOUs that Citipointe entered into with the Ministries of Foreign and Social Affairs.

(2) Please provide me with the evidence you claim implicates me in an attempt to blackmail Citipointe church and which will lead to my being sentenced tomorrow.

best wishes

James Ricketson

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