Friday, April 11, 2014

Chanti and Chhork's 2012 formal request to Citipointe to return Rosa and Chita to their family

Chanti and Chhork have been asking Citipointe church to return their daughters for several years. Three or four times a year Citipoointe would promise them that Rosa and Chita would be returned soon. Chanti and Chhork would become excited but nothing ever happened. It became clear by 2012 that Citipointe had no intention of giving Rosa and Chita back – as expressed in the church’s 11th August 2008 email: Rosa and Chita stay with us until they are 18 or until she can provide a safe environment for them, as defined by LICADHO and the Ministry of Social Affairs.”

Neither LICADHO nor the Ministry of Social Affairs had a ‘definition’ of a ‘safe environment’. The definition changes according to the whims of Leigh Ramsey – the bar being raised whenever Chanti and Chhork had achieved the latest goal set for them by Citiopointe.

In 2012 made a formal request to Citipointe to return their daughters. (See below). Citipointe ignored it. The church had in its two captive young Pentecostal girls and was not going to give them back to their parents under any circumstances. And the church was making money out of Rosa and Chita at the same time as it was saving their souls - presenting them to donors and sponsors as 'victims of human trafficking' .

I wonder how much money Citipointe has made out of Rosa and Chita? Certainly not one dollar of it has gone to the rest of the family.

I would have thought that there was some law in Australia that Citipointe was breaking in stealing Rosa and Chita and exploiting them for financial gain. It seems not! In Cambodia, of course, there is no rule of law and Citipointe can do what it likes without fear of repercussions. Indeed, Citipointe can even use the Cambodian judicial system to sue me for writing blog entries such as this that 'dishonour' the church and arrange for me to get a two year suspended jail sentence and a $1,500 fine!

Bv   Kingdom of Cambodia
Nation Religion King


We, BUN CHHAK, male, aged 27; and the wife YEM CHANTHY, aged 26, currently residing at Rented House No. 619G, Group 4, Samaki Village, Sangkat Russey Keo, Khan Russey Keo, Phnom Penh, who are the parents of the two children: PHUN ROSA, female, aged 10; and PHUN CHITA, female, aged 8

Respectfully submit to
CITIPOINTE Organization

Subject  : we would like to have custody of the above-named girls

We, the parents of the two girls, would like the CITIPOINTE Organization to give us the custody of the two girls, so that they can come back to live together with their parents.

Therefore, CITIPOINTE, please make a favorable decision.

I wish everyone in CITIPOINTE good health and long-term success.

Have seen and certified that
the thumbprint on the right side has truly been affixed by BUN CHHAK, the father, and YEM CHANTHY, the mother.
Date: 26 July 2012
Chief of Samaki Village

Date: 26 July 2012
Right Thumbprints of the Parents
             Father                       Mother
    (Thumb printed)         (Thumb printed)

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