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Foreign Minister Julie Bishop turns a blind eye to the kidnapping of Cambodian girls by Citipointe church

Chita (left) and Rosa (right) during a rare home visit in 2013. Their mother, Chanti, is behind them, pointing.

James Ricketson
Europe Guest House
# 51, Street 136
Phnom Penh
015611478; 017 898 361

The Hon Julie Bishop
Minister for Foreign Affairs
House of Representatives, Parliament House

Canberra ACT 2600                                                                          

4th April 2014

Dear Minister

Following on from my many previous letters.

Two days after my court case and after close to a day in the Phnom Penh Municipal Court, I have managed to read the complaints lodged with the court on 4th March 2013. This is not a typographical error. As with the other accusations made against me by Citipointe, this complaint has sat in a file at the courts for a year before being activated within a couple of days of the Global Development Group’s Executive Director writing the following to me:

We have thoroughly investigated your concerns and we can’t see any area where SHE Rescue Home has not adhered to their requirement of the ACFID Code of Conduct. Therefore a Code complaint cannot be made…. Global Development Group has copies of all the required documentation and has no problems with ‘SHE Rescue Home’.

How does this statement of Geoff’s square with the following from the Cambodian Ministry of Social Affairs guidelines on alternative care for children: 

“The rights of parental authority over their children remain with the family unless it has gone through the courts and the family relinquishes all responsibility”.

This photograph of Rosa, taken a few months after she was illegally removed by Citipointe church in 2008, should have set alarm bells ringing in the Australian Embassy in Phnom Penh, within AusAID and ACFID if they had been doing their job properly.

The question of the removal and detention of Rosa and Chita, for close to six years now, against the express wishes of their parents, has never been heard in a Cambodian court of law. Chanti and Chhork have not relinguished responsibility for their daughters. On the contrary, they have been asking for their return for five years.

By his own admission Geoff Armstrong has ‘copies of all the required documentation.’ This is a lie. Geoff does not have a copy of a document from any Cambodian court giving legal custody of Rosa and Chita to Citipointe church’s ‘SHE Rescue Home’. What Geoff does have is a copy of the 31stJuly 2008 ‘contract’ that Leigh Ramsey tricked Chanti into signing with her thumb print. The circumstances surrounding the signing of this fraudulent document, alone, would see Leigh Ramsey in court for ‘illegal removal’ if the rule of law applied in Cambodia.

Chanti and Chhork's home in 2010. Chita (left), Rosa, next to her mum, Chanti, holding baby James.

In addition to this legally worthless ‘contract’, Geoff Armstrong has copies of the MOUs that Citipointe entered into with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Social Affairs in 2008 and 2009 respectively. The Global Development Group, along with Citipointe church, refuses to provide copies of these MOUs to Chanti and Chhork, to myself or any other person who has asked to see them. There is a simple reason for this. Both the Global Development Board and Citipointe know that the church has broken Cambodian law and are reliant on a corrupt judiciary to maintain custody of the girls illegally removed in 2008. The same applies for ACFID. Sam Mostyn and Marc Purcell (President and Executive Director respectively) either know that Rosa and Chita were removed illegally but turn a blind eye to the fact or, if they were doing their job properly, should know. I have repeatedly asked ACFID if, in the course of an investigation into Citipointe church’s removal of Rsoa and Chita, it would ask the church to provide copies of the MOUs. Both Sam Mostyn and Marc Purcell refuse to answer this question! Why?

Chita in her mum and dad's home in 2010. The Khmer Citipointe staff member who was supposed to 'supervise' the visit, left the girls unsupervised for a couple of hours!

And now you, Minister, along with Ambassador Alison Burrow, know that Rosa and Chita were removed illegally in 2008 (or should know if you were doing your jobs properly) and that for close to six years the girls have been held captive by the church in the absence of any legal proceeding that gives the church this right. Instead of calling in the Federal Police to investigate this kidnapping, DFAT gets Mignon Bleach to inform me, in an email, that: “your concerns have been noted.” AusAID has a duty of care for the recipients of Australian aid and has failed dismally in protecting Chanti and Chhork’s legal, moral and human rights; failed dismally in protecting the legal, moral and human rights of other clients of Australian NGOs.

It is not my ‘concerns’ that should be noted by DFAT, it is the kidnapping of Rosa and Chita by Citipointe that should not only be noted but acted upon. How much evidence do you need of NGO scams in Cambodia before you will act?

Chita (left) and Rosa (right) have been presented to the world, by Citipointe, as 'victims of human trafficking'. In reality, they are victims of the church's child-stealing scam - a scam knowingly endorsed and financed by Brisbane-based NGO, the Global Development Group (GDG), with the tacit approval of the Australian Council for International Development, the Australian Embassy in Phnom Penh and Foreign Minister Julie Bishop.
The judge who sentenced me in absentia was very reluctant to provide me with a copy of the complaint made against me by Citipointe but, after close to a day of arm-twisting, allowed me to copy it out by hand. Here it is:

I, Le-Anne Ramsey The representative of Citipointe International Care and Aid, located at XXXXX

The prosecutor submitted to Phnom Penh Court of First Instance

Suing Mr James Ricketson, born 1st April 1949, Australian, holding passport number XXXXX – a filmmaker, whose address is uncertain in Phnom Penh of blackmail.

Referring to the subject mentioned above, I would like to inform the Prosecutor that Mr James Ricketson (James) has tried all his means to support and incite the mother of two girls named Kunthy Chita and Kunthy Rosa to get the two girls who are vulnerable children of human trafficking out of the NGO’s shelter in order to gain his personal interest. However, until today the Department of Social Affairs and Veterans has not allowed the NGO to reintegrate the two girls into their family because the status of the family still not good enough to secure the safety and education of the two girls with the intention to force the NGO to return the two children, this person has published in his blog to defame the NGO and disclose the identity or the two vulnerable children and their mother who was the trafficked girl. His acts are against the article 25.3 and 49 of the Law on Suppression of Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation in Article 25 and 49.  On 10/02/2013, this person sent an email to threaten me and the NGO to return the two children otherwise he will publish online the information which he has already prepared to defame the NGO. This threatening is a crime under article 372 of the Criminal Coe of Cambodia. So I would like the Prosecutor to charge Mr James Ricketson according to the law. Please accept my highest consideration. Made Phnom Penh on 1st March 2013

Rosa's grandmother, Vanna, lost all 8 of her children  during the Khmer Rouge years (1975 - 1979) to starvation and illness. She lost her only two grand-daughters to Citipointe church! Chanti, born 7 or so years after the defeat of the Khmer Rouge, is Vanna's only surviving child out of nine.

The March 2013 date is not a typographical error. These absurd allegations, along with the others made at around the same time (‘hindering’, ‘profiting from prostitution’), have sat on file at the Phnom Penh Municipal court until such time as Citipointe and the Global Development Group needed to use them - in the hope of intimidating me into silence about their child-stealing and evangelical scam in Cambodia. Pastor Brian Mulheran’s letter of Feb 2013 was a warning shot across the bow. When I refused to be intimated, Citipointe attempted to use the Cambodian legal system to silence me. That Citipointe will not sue me in Australia speaks volumes of the church’s real agenda here and its lack of moral scruples.

Vanna was devastated by the loss of her grand-daughters to Citipoint church's evangelising and money-raising scam but, like Chanti and Chhork (mum and dad) she has no voice  in the world inhabited by Citipointe and other NGOs whose ignorance and arrogance blinds them to the fact that Cambodian mothers and grandmothers love their daughters and grand-daughters as we privileged members of the planetary aristocracy do.

The content of Le-Anne’s ‘blackmail’ Complaint is not worthy of a detailed response but I would like to point out that Rosa and Chita were never victims of human trafficking. Nor was Chanti ever a victim of human trafficking. Le-Anne Ramsey is lying.

For some time now I have thought of Lee-Anne Ramsey as a compulsive liar. I now think her to be a pathological liar. Her lies and the soft core thuggery of Pastor Brian Mulheran are actively supported by the Global Development Group. Both should have their tax-deductible status revoked and an independent investigation be conducted into how Citipointe and the GDG have managed to breach AusAID guidelines an the ACFID Code of Conduct. As I have mentioned in a previous letter, ACFID should not be involved in such an investigation as it too is complicit in turning a blind eye to the human rights abuses that occur on a daily basis in Cambodia and, it is my guess, in other 3rd world countries where faith-based NGOs use AusAID approved tax-deductible funds to break up families and proselytize.

best wishes

  James Ricketson

No words are necessary here.

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