Friday, May 30, 2014

(M) to Ms Sam Mostyn, President, ACFID, requesting yet again copies of MOUs, dated 30th May 2014

Ms Sam Mostyn, President
Australian Council for International Development and
ACFID Code of Conduct Committee
12 Napier Close, Deakin ACT 2600                                                             

30th May 2014

Dear    Ms Sam Mostyn and
Dr Sue-Anne Wallace
Greg Brown
John Gilmore
Bandula Gonsalkorale
Harwood Lockton
Dr Petrus Usmanij
Fadlullah Wilmot
Dr Simon Smith
Michelle Pearce
Julie Mundy

With no prior warning, Citipointe church delivered Rosa and Chita back to their family two days ago. There was no re-integration program and the girls had no opportunity to say goodbye to their friends. Chita, in particular, is so devastated that she cannot speak and is in tears most of the time. Rosa is faring better but is also in a state of shock.

I have little doubt but that this sudden delivery of Rosa and Chita to their family on the part of Citipointe is a response to the legal letter from Mr Michael Johnson written to Citipointe on 2nd. May. In releasing the girls in this manner, Citipointe hopes that all questions about the illegal removal and detention of them will disappear. This is not so.

I have lost count of the number of times I have asked you, as President of ACFID, Ms Mostyn and you as Chair of the ACFiD Code of Conduct committee, Dr Wallace, if you believe the parents, Chanti and Chhork, are entitled to be provided with copies of the MOUs relating to the removal of their daughters. You have both refused to answer this question many times now – despite the ACFID Code of Conduct being quite clear about the parents rights vis a vis acquiring copies of these MOUs.

On 23rd. May Chanti and Chhork made a formal request, in writing, to the Global Development Group, to be provided with copies of the MOUs – as is their right as ‘stakeholders’. In the event that GDG refuses Chanti and Chhork’s request, will the Australian Council for International Development insist that GDG hand over copies of the MOUs? This is not a rhetorical question. As a matter of professional and personal courtesy I would appreciate a response to it.

ACFID could obtain copies of the MOUs with just one phone call. If these MOUs do indeed give the Global Development Group and Citipointe the rights they have exerted in relation to Rosa and Chita’s custody this past close-to-six years, neither NGO has anything to fear from the contents of the MOUs being made public.

best wises

James Ricketson

cc The Hon Julie Bishop MP, Foreign Minister

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