Friday, May 23, 2014

(H) Chhork's father dies; he wants Rosa and Chita to attend their grandfather's funeral

Leigh Ramsey
322 Wecker Road
QLD 4152

22nd May 2014

Dear Leigh

Chhork’s father, Rosa and Chita’s grandfather, died last night. Chanti and Chhork want Rosa and Chita to be present for the funeral – which they are arranging right now. 

You have not allowed Rosa and Chita to take part in any family weddings, get-togethers, ceremonies, rituals or cultural celebrations this past six years. If Citipointe has any respect at all for the bonds of family, you should allow the girls to attend the funeral of their grandfather.

best wishes


A few days later, 27th May 2014:

27th May 2014

Pastors Mulheran and Ramsey

You did not allow Rosa and Chita to attend their grandfather’s funeral last Friday. Instead you sent church representatives to Chanti and Chhork’s home and, whilst she and Chhork were grieving, induced Chanti to sign a document she could not read, did not understand and whose contents were not described to her in a way that she could explain to me. Chanti was not provided with a copy of whatever it was she signed.

Could you please supply Chanti and Chhork with copies of the document Chanti signed and myself also, as their legally appointed advocate. Three years ago I handed you a copy of this legal document on Phnom Penh, Leigh.

Your church has broken Cambodian law through its illegal removal and detention of Rosa and Chita with the full knowledge and approval of your funding partner, Australia’s Global Development Group (GDG),  in breach of the Australian Council for International Development (ACFID) Code of Conduct.

ACFID refuses to request of your church or of GDG that you produce copies of the MOUs both NGOs insist gave your church the right to remove and detain Rosa and Chita close to 6 years ago. In so doing, ACFID has given a green light to any AusAID approved NGO, using tax-deductible Australian charity dollars, to both break the laws of the countries in which they work and to breach the ACFID Code of Conduct. All that is required is that an NGO assert that it has entered into an MOU with the host country and no further questions will be asked. The NGO will not be asked to provide copies of the MOUs to ACFID.

Through your lawyer, Citipointe has entered into a corrupt relationship with the Phnom Penh court to have vexatious charges brought against me on the basis of absurd accusations. This manipulation of the Cambodian legal system, in conjunction with what can best be described as incompetence on the part of ACFID, provides Citipointe and other unscrupulous NGOs with the perfect environment in which to exploit the poor and the powerless, to save souls for Jesus Christ along the way and to fill Citipointe’s coffers. You have now exported this scam to India and, no doubt, there will be many distraught parents of ‘orphans’ wondering how it was they lost their daughters and with no-one to turn to for help in getting them back.

As I imagine will be apparent to you by now, after close to six years, I will not cease advocating on behalf of Chanti and Chhork until Rosa and Chita have been returned to their care. And, if Citipointe had no legal right to remove the girls in the first place, (to be determined by the existence or non-existence of the MOUs) until Citipointe compensates the family for the pain and suffering your church has visited on it this past 6 years.

In what is almost certainly an exercise in futility, Chanti and Chhork have written to the Global Development Group asking the NGO questions they have a right to be provided with answers to in accordance with the ACFID Code of Conduct:

Given Citipointe’s illegal removal of girls from their families in Cambodia, the attached photo of the ‘orphans’ Citipointe has ‘rescued’ should give rise to a whole host of questions but is there anyone who will ask them?

best wishes

James Ricketson

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