Friday, May 23, 2014

(E) A response from the ACFID Code of Conduct committee, dated 4th May 2014

This letter from Dr Sue-Anne Wallace arrived in the mail today – AFTER I had sent my last few letters to Dr Wallace and the other members of the ACFID Code of Conduct committee. The committee has decided, unsurprisingly and despite the Code of Conduct it is supposed to be administering, that it cannot intervene in this matter. I will be responding when time permits and pointing out to the committee those parts of the Code of Conduct that its members are apparently unaware of.

Dear Mr Ricketson,

I refer to your lettter date 30 April 2014 and its enclosure addressed to myself and members of the ACFID Code of Conduct Comittee.

I have considered The matter you have raised. After consultation with other members of the Comittee it has been determined that it is beyond the jurisdiction of the Code Committee. Here it is noted that Citepointe Church is not an ACFID member and that issues relating to legalll custody of children are more appropiately dealt with by the Cambodian legal system where the children reside.

Finally, I note that the ACFID Code of Conduct complaints process is a confidential one based on the good faith of all the parties. For the record I note here that I am aware of your regular posts on a personal internet blog about this matter and a report in the Cambodian Daily dated 4 April 2014. The latter refers to unlawful activity by you in relation to this matter,

Yours faithfully,

Dr Sue-Anne Wallace
Chair, Code of Conduct Committee

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