Monday, March 24, 2014

Ratanakiri - the Jarai, an indigenous group in N.E Cambodia on the border with Vietnam

The Jarai, an indigenous tribe in the N.E of Cambodia. closer to the border with Vietnam have had their traditional lifestyle destroyed by the loss of the forests they depended on for their living and their spiritual sustenance. Their forests have been stolen by the rich and powerful and they must now eke out whatever living they can with the small amount of land they still own. The average family income is $300 per annum. They have no money to buy medicines, amongst other things. I have come with two friends - Josh and Poppy - to give medicines to the Jarai.  These photos will speak more eloquently of the wonderful people we met than any words I can write.

Poppy, in the background, explaining what different medicines are good for and labelling them in the language of the Jarai

The village chief

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