Thursday, October 24, 2013

letter to President Barack Obama

Cambodian Opposition leader, Sam Rainsy, will tomorrow (Friday 25th Oct)  deliver to the Australian embassy in Phnom Penh a similar letter to the one, below, sent to President Barack Obama.

The Australian government has congratulated Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen on his victory in the 28th July elections despite there being serious doubts, as a result of numerous 'irregularities',  that his Cambodian People's Party won the election.



The Hon Barack Obama
The United States of America

By kindness of the United States Embassy in Phnom Penh

Investigation of Electoral Irregularities and Enforcement of the full Implementation of the 23rd October Paris Peace Accords.

President Obama

We, the undersigned, have the greatest honor as representatives of the Cambodian people to inform Mr. President that the elections of 28th July 2013 for the 5th mandate of the National Assembly were not conducted based on the recommendations of the office of the U.N. Special Rapporteur for Human Rights which consequently resulted in serious irregularities. Furthermore, no independent investigation committee has been put in place to probe these grave irregularities. Subsequently, the Cambodian People’s Party (CPP) has formed the National Assembly and the current Royal Government, violating the Constitution, the highest law of the nation and deviating from the principles of multi-party democracy which are guaranteed by the 23rd October 1991 Paris Peace Accords. These steps take Cambodia back to a one party system of governance.

In view of the situation described above, we seek your assistance in resolving the current political deadlock by ensuring the enforcement of the Paris Peace Accords, the sole foundation for multi-party democracy and development for our nation.

On the occasion of the twenty second year of the Paris Peace Accords, over 10,000 Cambodians marched and submitted a petition with names and thumb prints of 2 million Cambodian citizens and voters to the office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights in Phnom Penh for the highest consideration of the U.N. Secretary General and key signatories.

Please accept, President Obama, the assurances of our highest respect.

Phnom Penh 23rd Oct 2013

On behalf of the Cambodian people.

Sam Rainsy                     Kem Sokha

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