Friday, August 2, 2013

Cambodian Elections Day 6 with no resolution in sight

Early morning in Phnom Penh.

Sam Rainsy preparers to go out into the provinces to thank voters for their confidence in him and, no doubt, to keep their spirits up during a period in which Prime Minister Hun Sen wishes the whole election to be over and done with - with himself as undisputed leader of the country for the next five years. The longer his victory remains in question the more opportunity the opposition CNRP has to mobile supports to demand an independent investigation of electoral fraud.

Hun Sen’s latest announcement, on Friday, is that unless the CNRP members take their seats in the National Assembly before the end of the 60 day deadline for the formation of a new government, he may take the seats for himself; give them to the Cambodian People’s Party. Such is Mr Hun Sen’s understand of or interpretation of the Cambodian constitution. One has to wonder if he really believes that the Cambodian people would accept the stealing of so many votes, so many starts, to consolidate his power even more.

What Hun Sen is trying to do, it seems, is to prevent any attempt, by Sam Rainsy’s CNRP to boycott or in any way (mass demonstrations, for instance) delay the formation of a government of which he remains in in control.
Cambodian politics has entered a new and interesting phase in which almost anything could happen.
As the Sam Rainsy motorcade leaves phnom Penh I must stop here and write more later in the day when time prevails.

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