Sunday, August 4, 2013


Dear International Donor Community

Will you stand by silently as the National Election Committee conducts an investigation into 'irregularities' that the NEC has allegedly perpetrated itself?

NEC President Im Sousday has, over the weekend, decided to bring to an end an independent investigation that would have involved the CNRP insists on the involvement of the UN.

Why can a truly independent body not be involved in the investigation? If the NEC has nothing to hide, why does it matter to the body who is involved? Surely the credibility of the investigation and hence the credibility of the announced result necessitates that there be no doubts at all about its impartiality.

Now is the time for the international donor community,  including my own Australia, speaking with one voice, to tell Mr Hun Sen and the NEC that it is totally unacceptable that the NEC investigate complaints about its own handing of the 'irregularities' in this election.

This is not a time for the diplomatic expression of 'concerns' but for the most forthright of statements.

Whilst the international donor community may be prepared to accept as some semblance of the truth what the NEC announces, it is doubtful, from what I haves seen, that the Cambodian people will.

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