Friday, October 24, 2014

Response from Maureen Barron to questions regarding reasons for exclusionary guidelines that make it impossible for a filmmaker with 43 years of experince to apply for funds

Maureen Barron’s letter speaks for itself. I will respond to it in due course. At present I am in Cambodia - caught up in a real life drama of considerably greater significance than Screen NSW’s guidelines relating to Early Stage Development. If interested, visit:

16th October

Dear James

I have received your letter of 8th Oct 2014 sent via email to Mark Hamlyn.

Please be assured that you have not been banned by Screen NSW from applying for funding and that you, like other practitioners and teams, are able to apply for support according to the terms of the published guidelines, which do change from time to time. Mark Hamlyn and Kate Stone have already explained the reasons behind the current form of guidelines for Early Stage Development, the program to which you recently applied for the project ANGKOR.

All Screen NSW programs and program guidelines are reviewed and revised  from time to time to reflect current circumstances. Screen NSW staff members are available, as you know, to assist practitioners and teams with questions relating to guidelines.

Your views in relation to the current guidelines for Early Stage Development as expressed to Mark and Kate, will be taken into account, along with those of other practitioners, when the program and its guidelines are next reviewed.

yours sincerely

Maureen Barron

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