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# 5 A question for Pastor Leigh Ramsay that the Global Development Group seems reluctant to ask!

2005. Vanna, holding Chita and Rosa & Chanti

Concerned that the Global Development Group might choose not to ask a question of Pastor Leigh Ramsey for fear of what the answer might reveal about GDG’s assessment and monitoring processes, I decided to ask it on GDG’s behalf last Friday – 14th Feb.

2005. Chanti and Rosa

Dear Leigh

0n 7th Feb I became aware that Citipointe church’s ‘SHE Rescue Home’ receives funding from the Global Development Group (GDG).

In a letter to GDG dated 8th Feb I expressed my concerns that tax-deductible Australian donations to GDG are finding their way into the bank account of an Australian NGO (the ‘SHE Rescue Home) that is not only in breach of all that GDG stands for, not only in breach of the ACFID Code of Conduct but is also in breach of Cambodian law

In the interests of bringing this dispute to as rapid a conclusion as possible (it has been going on for more than five years now, half the lives of Rosa and Chita), I am putting the following question to you and Citipointe church on behalf of the Global Development Group:

"Mr James Ricketson, an Australian filmmaker, alleges that Citipointe church's "SHE Rescue Home' had no legal right to remove Rosa and Chita from their family home in 2008 and detain them for the last five years contrary to the express wishes of their parents – Chanti and Chhork. Could you please supply the Global Development Group with whatever documents (agreements and/or contracts) that the 'SHE Rescue Home' has entered into with any Cambodian government department in relation to the custody of Rosa and Chita. Could you please also supply copies of these documents to the parents - Chanti and Chhork?"

Vanna and Chanti living on the street. Vanna has a job as a cleaner.

Could you please scan and send Directors of the Board of the Global Development Group copies of any and all documents (agreements and/or contracts) Citipointe has relating to (a) the removal of Rosa and Chita in 2008 and (b) any and all documents (agreements and/or contracts).

Given the ease with which documents can be scanned, attached to emails and sent anywhere in the world in a matter of seconds,  could you please accomplish this simple task by 5 pm, Sydney time.

Vanna and Chanti are very close though, as CHANTI'S WORLD  reveals, they also argue. Vanna is worried about the people Chnati hangs out with with etc!

If you cannot demonstrate, by the end of business today, that Citipointe church had a  legal right to remove Rosa and Chita in 2008, a legal right to hold them contrary to their parents express wishes, please release the girls back into the care of their parents, Chanti and Chhork,  this weekend and bring this matter to an end.

best wishes

James Ricketson

This is the houseboat that Chanti, Chhork and the family are living on in Nov 2008 - deemed unsuitable by Citipointe church as a home for Rosa and Chita.

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