Thursday, September 26, 2013

Another Leigh Ramsay lie uncovered + Chanti and Chhork's return to Prey Vent without their tuk tuk

Leigh Ramsay
322 Wecker Road
QLD 4152                                                                                          

Dear Leigh

After 10 days, Chanti and Chhork have finally given up hoping for the meeting they were promised with Citipointe for the Monday before last. With some financial help from me they have returned to Prey Veng.

Chanti has been in tears this past 24 hour, tears of pure despair, not just because the family has lost its tuk tuk and hence Chhork’s ability to earn the bulk of the family income but because it has finally dawned on her that you have no intention of ever releasing Rosa and Chita; that you intend to remain true to what Rebecca Brewer wrote 5 years ago – namely that Rosa and Chita would stay with Citipopinte until they were 18. I need hardly remind you that at the time Rebecca wrote these words, Citipointe had entered into no contractual agreement with Chanti and Chhork but was reliant on the 31st July 2018 document that everyone agrees is a fraud.

This is Cambodia and you can do what you like as long as you grease the right palms along the way. There have been half a dozen occasions this past five years when Chanti has told me that ‘the police’ want me to give them money or they cannot help. With the wisdom of hindsight I should have paid the police off all those years ago and saved Chanti and Chhork the heartache they have experienced. And, of course, the heartache of Rosa and Chita also who, despite your attempts to turn them into compliant little Christians, still love their mother and father and want to be living with their family and not in an institution. 

If you and/or the Minister of Social Affairs wishes to sue me for suggesting or implying that Citipopinte has been engaged in making corrupt payments to MOSAVY, please do. In either Cambodia or Australia. I’m not fussy.

The photo at the head of my latest blog entry (this letter to you) is the depiction of one side of the flier that I will distribute to members of the Citipointe congregation. You can respond as you see fit. Perhaps, since you seem not to be able to have me arrested in Cambodia, to date at any rate, you can manage to get me arrested in Brisbane! Rest assured that I will give you good reason to do so – despite my breaking no laws at all.

As I have mentioned many times before there is something very Kafkaesque in the notion that Citipointe can remove two girls from their family and present them as ‘victims of human trafficking’ without providing anyone with any evidence at all that they are ‘victims’. As you know, they are not and never were. However, this morning I was able to join a few dots and it became clear that what you have told others (though not Chanti and Chhork) is that Rosa was in danger of being sold for $10,000 back in 2008. This is, as you know a lie. Let me refresh your memory.

It was me who told you, when I met with you, Rebecca and Helen in mid-2008, that Rosa’s father had,a few years earlier, offered to give Chanti $10,000 if she would allow him to take Rosa back to France with him to live. It was me who told you that Chanti’s response to Rosa’s father’s offer was that she loved Rosa and would not sell her for $10,000 or for any other sum.

What you have done is to turn this anecdote around so that it implies the opposite of what it actually meant. Rather that presenting Chanti’s refusal to accept $10,000 as evidence that she is a loving and caring mother (my footage at the time makes this clear) you have chosen to present it to MOSAVY and others as evidence that Rosa was at risk because Chanti ‘might’ sell Rosa.

I can think of no words to describe what a despicable, spiteful, damaging lie you have been telling all these years in relation to the $10,000 offer made to Chanti. And you have been able to get away with it because MOSAVY couldn’t care less and there is no-one else in Cambodia who is likely to question the veracity of your lie.

After five years of experience with you, Liegh, I have come to the conclusion that you are not only a pathological liar but a cruel sadistic one to boot. This last broken promise is yet another example of your tendency to  tell Chanti that you will return Rosa and Chita ‘soon’ and then do nothing.

For the record, the exchange between us that forms part of the evidence of your decision to turn Chanti’s refusal to accept the $10,000 into support for your proposition (an outright lie) that Rosa was ‘at risk’ is to be found at:

If there were any semblance of justice in Cambodia you, Rebecca Brewer and Helen Shields would all have been dragged into court and charged, in accordance with Cambodian law, with Human Trafficking. Here, to refresh your memory is the relevant law:

Article 8 of Cambodia’s “Law on Suppression of Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation.  

Article 8: Definition of Unlawful Removal

The act of unlawful removal in this act shall mean to:

Remove a person from his/her current place of residence to a place under the actor’s or a third persons control by means of force, threat, deception, abuse of power or enticement, or

Without legal authority or any other legal justification to so to take a minor person under general custody or curatorship or legal custody away from the legal custody of the parents, care taker or guardian.

Article 9 of Cambodia’s ‘Law on Suppression of Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation’ makes quite clear what the punishment for such an offense is:

Article 9: Unlawful removal, inter alia, of Minor

A person who unlawfully removes a minor or a person under general custody or curatorship or legal custody shall be punished with imprisonment for 2 to 5 years.

best wishes

James Ricketson

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