Wednesday, January 30, 2013

yet another letter for Rachel Perkins, 20,000 page views on!

Rachel Perkins
Blackfella Films
10 Cecil St.
Paddington 2021                                                                                            30th Jan 2013

Dear Rachel

Sometime this week my blog will receive its 20,000th page view.  Whilst my most visited post used to be  WHY MY COMPLAINT ABOUT SCREEN AUSTRALIA IS RELEVANT TO ANYONE BUT MYSELF”, now it is my 15th Oct letter to you written from  the foyer of Screen Australia on the day of my first arrest:

751 people have viewed this post and, I presume (hope!), that 751 fellow filmmakers (curious onlookers!?) wonder why it is that you have never answered any of the questions I asked in this or any of my previous (or subsequent) letters to you.

On 16th June last year you expressed your ‘concern’ and told me that you would look into my complaint that I had been banned without being provided with any evidence of the crimes for which I had been found guilty. For eight months now, since the May 10th ban, you have been in a position to present me (and the 751 readers of my letter to you) with evidence that I have  intimidated or placed at risk members of Screen Australia’s staff. You have not done so. Why?  What kind of risk? Intimidated who? When? Evidence!? Such questions are not rhetorical, though you will not answer them. Why? Because no matter how hard you might try, no matter how loosely you interpret or define ‘intimidate’ and ‘place at risk’, there is not one sentence, one phrase or even one word in any of my correspondence that qualifies as evidence of the charges laid against me. You have been complicit in an exercise in character assassination. How could you do this, Rachel? Mind you, the same question applies to Claudia Karvan and Richard Keddie and the rest of the Board – all of you, for reasons I can only conjecture at, prepared to implement a ban and engage in character assassination based on what you all know to be a lie.

I do not expect that the ban will be lifted for as long as the current regime is in power – a regime that includes yourself. However, having been making films for more than 40 years, I see Screen Australia’s ban as simply another in a long line of hurdles, challenges, to be overcome – as is the case, as you know, for most committed filmmakers in the industry fro the long haul. I will continue to make films despite Screen Australia’s clear desire to make this as difficult as possible. One of my screenplays that Screen Australia refuses to read and assess on the grounds that in so doing members of SA staff would be placed at risk (I shake my head and smile as I write this) has been picked up for development in the US.

As for HONEY, (see HONEY #1 on my blog) this is a project that was effectively banned by Screen Australia back in 2009 when SA decided, since I was not a ‘proven producer’ (despite the evidence to the contrary, on top of close to 40 years filmmaking experience) that no application could be accepted from me by Screen Australia for script development!

best wishes

James Ricketson

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