Sunday, October 14, 2012

Awaiting my eviction!

Fiona Cameron came down to see me to ask if there was anything else I wanted from Screen Australia. "Some lunch would be nice," I joked before we got down to the serious stuff. Fiona believes that Screen Australia has, with its marked up correspondence, provided me with what I have been asking for for the past five months. There are two observations to make here: (1) Why does it take my coming and sitting in the Screen Australia foyer and refusing to leave to induce Ruth Harley to provide me with evidence of the crimes for which I have been found guilty and that led to my being banned? (2) There is nothing in any of the marked up sections that is evidence of my having intimidated and placed at risk members of Screen Australia staff.

My writing interrupted by the arrival of Graham, who introduced himself as being in charge of building security. He had, he told me, been talking with "the people upstairs" and they had asked him to ask me to leave the building. I informed Graham very politely that I would not be leaving. he nodded his head, stood and walked back upstairs.

Post Script

It is now 7pm and I have been released on bail from Kings Cross police station, having been charged with trespassing in Screen Australia at 4 pm in the afternoon! I have been bailed to appear in court on 5th Nov and am not allowed to be anywhere within 1 kilometre of Kings Cross police station or I will be arrested and held in jail for breaching my bail conditions! More tomorrow!

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