Wednesday, June 27, 2012

letter to Simon Crean

Like so many ostriches, Ruth Harley, Fiona Cameron, Glen Boreham and members of the Screen Australia Board, along with Simon Crean and the office of the Prime Minister presume that if they bury their heads in the sand, pretend that no problems exists here, hey presto, there is no problem! After all, who cares what a few hundred readers of Ricketson's blog think! We'll just ride this one out until Ricketson runs out of steam. He's played all his cards by now, surely! If even the Prime Minister refuses to acknowledge receipt of his letters, what do we have to worry about? Nothing, right!?

The Hon Simon Crean
c/o Caroline Fulton
Acting Assistant Secretary
Creative Industries and Sector Development
Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet
Office for the Arts
GPO Box 6500
ACT 2600                                                                                                26th June 2012

Dear Minister 

I am as tired of writing letters to you as it must be tiresome for whoever’s job it is to ignore my letters to receive yet another one from me! “Damn, it’s that bloody Ricketson again! When will he give up!” I can only speculate as to what level within your Ministry a decision has been made not to even acknowledge receipt of my letters.

All it would take to bring my letter writing to an end (a relief for all concerned!) would be one phone call from some senior member of the Ministry for the Arts to Ruth Harley to ask her to provide the evidence in support of my banning that she refers to but will not reveal.  Ms Harley will either produce the correspondence and prove me a liar for claiming it does not exist or not produce it and prove herself one. Perhaps the reason why the question has not been put to Ms Harley during the past six weeks is that, your ministry having ignored my original complaint for 18 months, for it to acknowledge now that it had merit would raise the question: “Why did your ministry not intervene 18 months ago when it could have been sorted out quickly and relatively painlessly?”  The same applies to the Ombudsman, who also seems fearful of asking Ruth Harley for evidence to back up her ban lest there be no evidence!

My enclosed letter to Rachel Perkins, a member of the Screen Australia Board speaks for itself of my determination to get Ruth Harley to either release the correspondence (or extracts thereof) that she has referred to as Screen Australia’s reason for banning me or to lift the ban and apologize to me for placing it in the first place. Yes, both you and the Ombudsman can continue to bury your bureaucratic heads in the sand. After all, all I have to continue my fight to clear my name with now is a blog in cyberspace and if you ignore me for long enough I’ll just give up eventually, right?


best wishes

James Ricketson
cc Commonwealth Ombudsman


  1. Janmes, muich as I admire you perseverence, you do need to check to see if qwhat you post has been formatted correctly!

    Other than this, congratulations for continuing to ask questions that no-one wants to answer; questions that most of us in the industry would like to get answers to but are reluctant to ask in public - for obvious reasons. It is time for Screen Australia to be run not as a mafia organization but on behalf of the filmmakers it was set up to serve

    1. Thanks for pointing that out, Anonymous. Keeping this blog is a slightly stressful and unpleasant experience for me so I tend to do it all in a bit of a rush. It looks fine on my computer but, on checking with another computer, I can see the formatting problem. Will fix it - if I can figure out how!

  2. Shut the fuck upJune 29, 2012 at 3:24 PM

    No one at Screen Australia, no one on the Board, no one in the Ministry of Arts gives a flying fuck whether or not the correspondence exists. The message coming through loud and clear from the lot of them is ‘If you know what is good for you, shut the fuck up or you’ll never eat lunch in this town again.’ Other than destroying your own career, James, it is hard to figure out what it is you are trying to achieve here. Time to shut the fuck up in my opinion.

    1. An odd post, 'Shut the fuckup'!? Is someone holding a gun to your head and forcing you to read my blog?